Sunday, June 26, 2011

The next 45 days.

I can't believe I am almost half way done the year in my Project 365. With this last batch of photos, it's been especially neat to see how much the everything changes in such a short amount of time. In winter, you just get used to seeing white and brown all the time. It seems like the only thing that changes is the amount of snow. But for the other 6-8 months of the year, there's certainly a lot more activity.

So here you have it, the next 45 days:

Top Row:Park Pagoda, Green Dots, Regent, First Tulip, Light Dance, Egg Cups, Easy Button, More Tulips, Grass
Second Row: Pear Dessert, Narcissus, Lilacs, Tree, Moth on Tulip, Rainy Blossoms, Fungus, Ocean Salt, Lampshade
Third Row: Same Tree, Dandelion, Aftermath, Five of Hearts, Lilacs, Pearly Dots, Wicker, Bee, Lily of the Valley
Fourth Row: More Leaves, Meadow, Creepy Purple, Gosling, Tiny White Flowers, Cribbage, Forest Path, Dragonfly Wing, Light Dances
Fifth Row: Iris, Green Onions, LEDs, Haiku, Watermelon, Poppy, World in a Drop, Daisy, Cupcakes

That's all for now!

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