Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Red Rock Lake

Over the past 2 weekends, I had the chance to head out to a quaint little cottage, on a serene lake- Red Rock Lake, in the Whiteshell. It couldn't be a true weekend away, unless I had the camera, so on to the photos!

So, upon exiting the cabin, you are greeted with this view. Not bad, right?

Upon walking down to the dock, there are more lovely sights to be seen.

And then there's the fun of water. It can look so very different depending on the surrounding rocks or even just the movement of it.

Here the water is mostly still around the rocky shoreline

With a longer exposure though and a bit more wind, you get this.

Sometimes water looks like something else all together. Like this ripply, almost silky shot.

Perhaps you'd like to simply sit on the adirondack and enjoy a drink (anyone else have these amazing cups in their collection, how appropriately cottage decor, right? I think they were from a gas station or something.)

It's funny, you can sit at the same dock for hours and still find a slightly different vantage point. I just liked the stark contrast of the rough wooden dock against the smooth water.

You can't have a weekend out at the lake without enjoying a campfire.
There's also all sorts of quaint little cottage details to be found, whether it's a slightly aged boat,
A fish that was caught in 1977,

Maybe some brightly coloured canisters,

Some cobwebs on a gear,

Or a retro fridge handle:
Like all mini vacations, it must come to an end, but you can leave with that nice buzz of good times with friends, plenty of sunshine, and hey, there's always the sights along the drive home.

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