Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An evening walk at the park

Sometimes it's so nice to simply enjoy a walk at the park with one of your oldest friends. And even if it's been 5 months since you last spoke, it doesn't even matter, you can always just pick up the conversation where you left it.

And, if you happen to see some nice sights and some adorable baby animals along the way, you might as well take a few pictures, right?

Here is a goose couple enjoying the St. Vital duck pond.

Here are some not so small goslings. I have to say, the geese are certainly a lot friendlier once they've had their babies, I didn't see any of the usual hissing at people.

I liked how this scene looked with the sun just peeking through the trees and a little bit of the river reflection coming through.

And here's a duckling enjoying the green algae.

Finally, here's the "boat launch". If you're at all familiar with this area, you realize how high the river still is here. Generally this area goes downhill until you reach the river. Well, right now, you basically turn the corner, and there it is. I guess at some point the river went over the main road within the park. At times it seems like the river has come down so much, but it's really still not at a normal level.

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