Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Beautiful Day

Well, guess what, it finally happened! Both days of the weekend were gorgeous!

Saturday morning, I had the misfortune of being the "chosen one" by the cats. I was awakened at 5:50, with the loud demand for food. I wasn't able to fall back asleep. At this point, it was still raining, but it was starting to subside. By 7:30, the sun was shining, and all that was left of the night's rain was a lovely layer of small water drops on everything. So out I went, camera in hand, still in my pyjamas into the backyard for a few shots.

So here's where the day started, with droplet covered poppies...

And irises...
I finally got the opportunity to shoot natural droplets on plants. I had only fabricated this type of shot before Saturday (using a spray bottle and a bouquet of flowers).

I even managed to find a hanging down droplet. These are the ones that capture little scenes best. You can somewhat make out a few irises. I would've loved to try my hand at more of this type of shot, but there weren't any other downward facing droplets to be found.

So as I mentioned earlier, the sun was out and the day was quickly warming. So I also made it out to Assiniboine Park. Tamara and Mom came along, we enjoyed a picnic in the Leo Mol Sculpture garden, saw evidence of at least 2 weddings, and of course, there were several flowers to photograph. I expected a bit more, but I guess everything is still a bit behind. A lot of items had just been planted- it was primarily irises, poppies, and peonies in bloom.

Prior to entering the English Gardens, I checked out the water lilies. I always enjoy the classic white ones:
These flowers almost looked like a fruit tree blossom, but it is far too late for fruit trees to be blooming:
I have no idea what these ones are either, but they reminded me of Dr. Seuss:

Here's one of the ridiculously vibrant peonies:

How about a bee enjoying the English Gardens as well?

This is a smaller version of an iris, I really liked the colours:

Good night!

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