Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Excursions

I've been a bit bad about updating, but I've been busy taking pictures, and not necessarily uploading them...

So, we headed out to Lower Fort Garry recently. It was pretty neat, I hadn't been there since high school. And I don't even recall the field trip, I just know we went. I certainly had a lot of fun taking photos! I took about 140, maybe more!

So, here are few shots close to the entrance of the Fort. This is one of the York Boats. These boats are ridiculous. They aren't even that big, but they would be manned by crews of 6-8 and could carry up to 6300lbs of stuff.
In one of the houses, there were all sorts of naturally died fabrics and threads and there was also this spinning wheel. I've always thought the whole spinning process was pretty neat.

Outside, near the tepee, there are a few areas with some handicrafts and what not. I really liked how this one tray was set up. It made me feel like stringing up a loom and start beading again.

Here's the exterior of the Smith's shop. There were all sorts of interesting and somewhat creepy macro opportunities from the interior, none of which I have included here, oops...

One of my favorite parts of the Fort is the actual store/fort on site. There are so many interesting details there! This is a shot from the main store.

And these next few were taken from the storage part of the fort. Lots of interesting barrels, labels, bottles and whatnot.
And here's the view you'll see from the top floor: (That's the house in the distance that had the spinning wheel in it)
I wasn't really paying attention to this one building, but it seemed to be another sort of storage building, there were lots of items, like salt, fabric, guns, and a shelf of twine!
That's a lot of twine!

This next batch of photos are from the big house, that's the house where the governor lived. Here's a moody black and white converted shot of some clothes hanging to dry. It's funny what converting something to black and white can do.

Here's a shot from one of the eating areas:

Here's one of the gentleman's room. Check out those glasses!
I really liked this little detail, it's quite a fancy letter holder. And the writing, sometimes I mourn the art of handwriting and calligraphy a little bit.
And this was just one of those shots, I really liked the composition and the colours.
After our trip into the past, we decided to take another trip into the not as distant past. In Lockport there's this cute diner, called the Half Moon Drive-In. It's adorable, and I bet it's quite the happening place for classic cars on Sunday nights. Check out this classic diner decor :
And of course, I snagged a shot of the light fixtures.
And just prior to leaving, we headed down to the river. This bridge is kind of ridiculous. It looks like you could drive in the caged looking part, but no, the very top is where the only road is.
That's all for now. Sometimes it's just fun to check out the local places. I'm still hoping to get out to Pinawa Dam while it's still nice out.

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