Monday, March 7, 2011

The next 30 days

Before I go on with the next 30 days of Project 365, I have a work related statement- I think I prefer yellers to cryers. As a side note, I really don't have that many issues with people from work, most customers are pretty average. You tend to notice and remember the extremes on either side of the scale.

I don't think I've actually dealt with this type of cryer before. I've had a handful of cryers when it comes to claims. I understand that, it can be a very emotional time. Without going into the details, I came to this conclusion because of how I end up interpreting my role. When you have a yeller, it's easy to identify them as the "bad guy". If you have a cryer, suddenly you've become the "bad guy". Both scenarios tend to involve someone who doesn't accept responsibility for their actions, so it's hard to stay feeling like the bad guy.

Onto the photos!
Row 1: A Swirl of Rhinestones, Chalk, Nail Polish, Cupcakes (Pre-decorated), Decorate Cupcakes, Dinner Out
Row 2: Pizza, Rose, Orange Bubbles, Margarita, a Card, White Out
Row 3: Funky Hat, 8200km, Brass Headboard, Transporting a Bus, Star, Lion Eyes
Row 4: Small Samurai, Rainbow Braid, Mutant Grape, Pin Cushion, Leaf, Silver Bowl
Row 5: Clock, Handle, Lightswitch, Onion Rings, Sammi, Quote

Seeing this group of 30 makes me feel like I'm a bit odd (like I didn't know that anyway). There are a few photos in the group that I really love, and others I was really just satisfying the "take a photo everyday" element. You can't make everything into a masterpiece. All you can do is continually practice and learn how to view the world in different ways.

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