Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The first 36 days

So, despite saying I wouldn't do a Project 365, I decided to anyway. I have to admit, it's getting kind of hard finding something new, interesting and inspiring to take a photograph! When you don't go out all the time and you don't have little ones to take photos of, it can get a bit dull. I think it's also because it's the middle of winter. There's only so much snow one can capture, and there haven't been very many pretty days. I am still just itching for a hoar frost where I have the day free to go to St. Vital Park. The last time it frosted, I had to work in the morning!

So here is a small glimpse into what the first 36 days of 2011 looked like...
In case you're wondering what these are:

Row 1: Glitter, Candles, Salad, Tiara, Domo, Bathroom Lights
Row 2: Corkscrew, Tea, Snow, Ice Block, Presents, Tea pot
Row 3: Bananas, Toy Story Characters, Footprints, Sunrise, Light Streaks, Water Droplets

Row 4: Dripping Faucet, Window Frost, Water drops, Book, Baubles, Keyboard
Row 5: Numbers, Strawberry, Hoar Frost, Cat, Legislative Building, Dishes
Row 6: Flame, Jessie, Sign, Boots, Chocolate, Ribbon

I ended up getting myself a macro lens. I figured I was going to buy it sometime this year anyway, might as well get it sooner than later (especially with the rumour that Canon lens prices were increasing.) So you may notice there's quite the macro theme to my shots. 

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