Friday, May 6, 2011

Photo Update Time

I've been meaning to post the next "x" days and I keep putting it off. I figure, I'm still wide awake at this ridiculous hour, why not do a bit of a blog post. I have too many pictures in my Project 365 photostream, that they now show up in rows of 9, with smaller pictures. Oh well.

Alright, so like I said, I kind of procrastinated on posting this, so there'a whopping 60 days worth of photos...
Row 1: Magic 8 Ball, Houseplant, Crescent Moon, Curves of Light, Wooden Drawing Mannequin, March Sky
Row 2: Small White Blossom, Inside the Drops, Brown Eyed Girl, Bouquet, Clear Your Mind, Golden Rod Abstract, Cupcakes, Light Beams, The Fridge
Row 3: Work, Blue Eye Shadow, Resin Flower, Glass, Sandals, Sepia Masks, Thawing River, Fizzy Drink, Glasses on a Nighttable
Row 4: Easter Wreath, Spokes, Snow Globe, Wine, Lawn, Self Portrait, Circle, Sandals, Dispersal
Row 5: More Dispersal, Hope Grows, Textures, Rubies, Ipod, Easter Decor, Snowy Bike, New Growth, Strawberry Jam
Row 6: Green Goo, River-3 weeks later, Mini Cupcakes, Birch, Geometric Reflection, Rainbow Pens, Felt, Buggy Sculpture, Silverware
Row 7: Dial, Wood Knot, Droplets, Gummy Fish, Domo and Zombie Meet, Still Waters, Christmas Cactus, Flowers, and more Flowers

What do I predict in the future... a lot more green and other vibrant spring and summer colours. I am just waiting for those first tulips to burst open. If we get a little bit of sun in the next week, it should happen!

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