Saturday, January 1, 2011

You know it's cold out...

When you look outside and see this:

Once I eventually ventured outside I saw that there were actually multiple sun dogs. On the left side of the sun, there was a second prism farther out.

It's kind of funny, until I actually look at a picture like this, I tend to forgot that the sun really doesn't get very high during the winter. It pretty much stays at this level throughout the day. This photo was taken at 11:43AM, so the sun had already been up for 3 hours. I'm just so accustomed to it, that I never really think about it. I've lived here my whole life, it's just the way it is: 8 hours of day in the winter and 16 hours of day in the summer. As I've started to take more photographs, I've started to think more about light. And you can't really think about light without considering the sun. That's when you start to have those blatantly obvious thoughts, like "Right, the sun is only directly overhead when I'm trying to take photos of summer flowers in the backyard" or "It's so much easier to get a good sunrise or sunset picture from the south side of the house in the winter because the sun's route is that much shorter".

I've decided I'm going to do my own Project 52 of sorts. I saw one group one Flickr that gives a weekly topic, so I may participate in that one. I may also do a second project that doesn't have any particular theme, other than to have fun and try and become better at photography. I had waffled over the idea of doing Project 365, but that's just too much work at this point.

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